Isanti County Residents


Thank you for visiting CTC’s CrowdFiber page! CTC, an internet service provider, is working with Isanti County to determine how we can build a fiber optic broadband network together that is capable of delivering high-speed internet. The all-fiber service could also include television and telephone services if enough interest exists. The internet service would not be subject to data caps, which users may experience with cellular or satellite providers. A new all-fiber optic network constructed through a public-private partnership will require property owner financial contribution due to the low population density in rural areas.


This survey is intended to guide Isanti County in making decisions to help finance the necessary infrastructure for a broadband network. Please note: you are NOT subscribing to services by completing this survey. The information you provide regarding the type of internet, phone, and TV service you would like will be used to create financial projections. Please enter your address below to begin the survey.


*Please note, speeds recorded through the speed test are based on location at the time of survey completion

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