Our Mission.

In the past, responsibility to expand communication services to the rural areas of America often fell to the citizens of these communities. CTC reaches out to underserved areas, working with our members, local businesses, education, and healthcare to connect our community.

About Our Cooperative.

The larger bell companies would not offer services to rural America as it was too expensive for them to place cable to people’s homes and business. That’s how CTC got its start. Farmers got together to sell memberships to the coop so they could receive funding to deliver phone service to the rural Brainerd Lakes Area.

Today, CTC has evolved into a full service technology company offering Digital TV, High Speed Internet, and Phone Service over our fiber-to-the-home network. CTC also offers business class TV, Internet, and Phone Service, including Hosted PBX Phone Systems and IT support services. Just recently, CTC began offering TV Everywhere and Smart Home Technology.

As a Cooperative, CTC is owned by its members. To become a member of CTC you must live within one of our service areas and have one or a combination of Local Phone Service, High Speed Internet, and Digital TV. As a member you are represented by our Board of Directors who are voted upon by our members. You are also eligible for Capital Credits that are distributed back to members when economically feasible.

Mission. Vision. Values.

CTC will be the premier provider of communication solutions providing products and services that enhance our customer’s personal and professional lives.

CTC is committed to providing advanced communication solutions, with the highest quality of service, for our customers. CTC’s employees inspire one another to support and strengthen the communities we serve.

Integrity – Responsibility – Cooperation – Respect – Service