Having an efficient and reliable IT system is critical for any business. CTC offers a proactive approach to network and infrastructure management for any size and type of operation. Whether you need occasional backup support and security or a full-fledged strategy that includes 24/7 monitoring, hardware rotation, engineering, and policy development… we keep your network up so your profits follow suit.


IT can be overwhelming. Things seem to get really “techy”… really fast. Our team speaks in simple terms that everyone can understand. Whether you’re looking to replace some old equipment or you’re ready to roadmap an IT strategy, we’re here to help. Or if you’re confused about firewalls or warranty renewals, we’re here to help. Not sure what that doohickey in the storage room even does? Yep, we can help with that too.


Whether you’re worried about ransomware, data breaches, or compliance issues we help to secure your most critical data. We keep up with the latest trends, hacks, and malware viruses, often notifying you before they happen. By letting our team worry about securing your business’ customer and financial information, your team can worry about securing more customers and more profit.

The average ransomware attack lasts 9.6 days and costs $36,000. Can your business afford to be closed that long or hand over those hard-earned dollars?


Take a look at how CTC IT can protect your business from ransomware!

Backups & Disaster Recovery

How long would your business stay viable if there’s a tornado or flood? What happens while you’re down? Do you have a strategy in place if you lose everything? As a business owner or manager, these questions may be running through your head constantly. CTC’s managed IT services team can help you track down the answers and best solutions for data backups, cloud-based solutions, and information recovery… easing your mind and your budget.

Resourced (not outsourced) IT

If you already have full-time or part-time IT staff, our services are meant to complement (not replace) them and what they do best. Our managed IT business solutions can provide all levels of support so that if your existing staff cover Level 1 and/or Level 2 type support, we can complement that with CIO Level support. Bottom line: we’ll help as little or as much you need, based on your current budget, staffing, and other key resources.

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