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CTC is bringing state-of-the-art fiber optic network to homes and businesses in the Cherry Township area! With speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps), speed and bandwidth limitations are a thing of the past. Plus, having a fiber optic line to your home can increase the property value by 3.1%!

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CTC is excited to build a fiber broadband network in the Cherry Township area. More information about the project can be found by reading our press release or the project fact sheet.


Fall 2021 Project Update:

Our team and partners at North Central Services have made great progress in the Cherry Township area throughout the spring and summer!


Construction of the mainline is complete. Splicing of the mainline, pre-installations, and home/building investigations will continue through late fall/early winter. Installations have started and some families now have our service! These installations will continue into 2022… until we have everyone hooked up!


If your home investigation has not been completed yet, here is what you can expect: the process requires a CTC Technician to visit your home. At that time, they will install equipment on the outside of the premises, pre-wire for services inside your home, and prepare everything they can so that once construction is complete, we can hook you up with services remotely from our offices.


As COVID cases continue to be a concern in the area, we want to do what we can to protect you, your family, and our employees. We will take all safety precautions recommended by the CDC including requesting that our technicians wear a face covering and maintain social distancing of six feet. If you do not feel comfortable with a technician entering your home, alternate arrangements can be made.


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If you have any questions about what services would be a good fit for your situation, give our residential sales team a call at 218-231-9100. 

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Q & A

Q: How come I don’t have internet yet? Why hasn’t construction started?

A: This project is government-funded. All aspects of the project had to be accounted for before the funds being released to start. This included different permits which took some time to get approved. For any government-funded project, it takes a little more time to get started.

Q: Is there enough funding to start and complete the project?

A: Yes, funding is not an issue and the project is financially sound.

Q: Where is the project at and when will I get hooked up?

A: The engineering plan is complete and we are working with contracts to put a construction play together. Depending upon the weather, there could be a chance we start some construction in 2020, however, most of the work will be completed in 2021. You can expect to get hooked up later in 2021.