Why isn’t CTC in my area? When will fiber internet be coming to my neighborhood? Can’t you just extend the line another mile? These are questions we get on a regular basis.


Check out this summary that we put together that explains our plan for 2021 construction of fiber internet networks and answers several of the frequently asked questions about our process, timelines, communication, etc.

Cherry Township

September 2021

Mainline construction has been completed and installations are beginning!


For more details, visit: www.goctc.com/cherry

Ross/Stark Lake

September 2021

Construction of a fiber internet network started in the Stark/Ross Lake area in July 2021. Service installations will begin in fall and continue through winter 2021.


If you live in this area and are interested in services, please call 218-454-1144 or enter your address below.

Ely Main Street

September 2021

At this time we are actively selling business services in this area. If you are interested, please contact Lauren at 218-454-1237.


For more details, visit: www.goctc.com/ely.


If you are a resident in the area and are interested in services, please enter your address at the bottom of this page.

Looking Ahead…

In 2022, we will start building fiber networks in the Little Falls/Fort Ripley area. This project is supported by funding from the USDA ReConnect program.


>> View/Download April 2021 Update Letter

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If you live in one of the areas above and would like to sign up for services,
please contact a member of our team at 218-454-1144 or enter your address below.


OR if you’d like CTC to build a fiber network in your neighborhood, please enter your address below.

By sharing your location and interest in CTC’s services, we’ll know what areas are “hot spots” for future fiber builds.