2024 New Construction Areas

The following areas are scheduled for construction in 2024:

  • City of Chisholm
  • Cloquet North
  • Crosby to Deerwood
  • DEED Line Extension Projects (various areas)
  • Ojibwa to Nashway (Nisswa)
  • Rice Lake (Phase 2)
  • Sylvan Township
  • Washington St (Brainerd)


More details and timelines for each of the projects will be shared in early spring.

Construction in Progress

The construction process (followed by drop, splicing, and service installations) is continuing throughout 2024 in the following areas:

  • Agate Lake
  • Bois Forte
  • County Road 11
  • County Road 13
  • Cuyuna Lakes
  • Little Falls – Mississippi/Golf Course Area
  • Ojibwa Road (Phase 1)
  • Rice Lake (Phase 1)
  • Virginia – Waschke


To receive an update about a specific address, please call our office at 218-454-1234.


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