AMC Negotiations Update

CTC is currently in negotiations with AMC. AMC is asking for more then a 350% increase to carry AMC programming. Significant network fee increases directly impact your bill and rest assured – we’re on your side to keep these fees low. To learn more about how these types of fees affect your bill, click here. And to learn more about what others are saying about these types of situations, click here. We invite you to visit TV on My Side to learn more about the increasing costs of TV programming, along with other helpful information about the AMC negotiations.

Capital Credit Allocation Information

CTC will be mailing out capital credit allocation statements soon. CTC is a cooperative and this statement notifies you each year of the dividends you have earned during your membership.  When deemed financially possible, CTC’s board of directors vote on allocation of dividend funds. This is for your records only, and no further action is required by the customer. Thank you!