Franconia Township Residents


In the early 1880’s, the residents of Franconia Township came together for the future of their community. Instead of continuing to receive their mail via horse and buggy or word of mouth, they instead chose to provide public infrastructure accessible via the proposed Franconia Depot at milepost 17 on the railway.


The investment would improve the lives of the residents and the business community by providing Franconia Township a depot for transport, a mail stop and access to a telegraph line.


Residents of Franconia Township have a similar opportunity today.


This past January 2019, a group of Franconia citizen pioneers was formed to put in motion the process to bring a 21st century fiber optic network to rural Franconia Township. Taking advantage of state-wide grants funding up to 45% of the infrastructure. Our 21st century pioneers are attempting to blaze a trail to provide reliable affordable internet with speeds up to 1000 up/1000 down, television and telephone services to all residents of Franconia Township.


We are asking for your help with this effort by taking the time to complete the broadband survey of citizen pioneers. Please note: you are NOT subscribing to services by completing this survey. The information you provide regarding the type of internet, phone, and TV service you would like will be used to create financial projections. Enter your address below to complete the broadband survey:

1886 photo Franconia Train Depot, Franconia, Minnesota

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