Internet in
Multi-Dwelling Units

Is fiber internet the right fit for your apartment building, senior living facility, or townhome complex?

As a superintendent, building manager, or real estate owner, you probably have a lot on your plate. Let us help take the guesswork out of getting high-speed reliable internet to your tenants!

Whether you have an older building or new construction, we can accommodate most any situation.

The process CTC uses is called fiber-to-the-unit (FTTU). In most cases we run a point-to-point scenario which means fiber cables run directly from the basement, utility room, or garage to each unit. With new construction, installation of FTTU is usually the same price or even less expensive than traditional infrastructure such as coax, cat 5, or cat 6.

Another big advantage to working with CTC is that we’re flexible in how the services are controlled. Do you want to manage a bulk subscription and be the contact for all service inquiries and logistics? Fine by us. Would you rather avoid being the middleman and have the tenant set up an account with us directly? We can do that!

The benefits of FTTU for your MDU:

  • no speed limitations
  • future-proof solution
  • eliminates a single point of failure
  • local and responsive support team
  • flexible billing and customer service options
  • more efficient for technicians and building managers

Long Prairie apartment building with
CTC’s fiber-to-the-unit (new construction).

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