Northern Lakes Residents

A group of local community members and city leaders are exploring the option of bringing better internet (fiber optics), TV, and phone systems to the northern lakes areas of Breezy Point, Pelican Township, Pequot Lakes, Jenkins, and Ideal Township. We are working with CTC, a local broadband cooperative based in the Brainerd Lakes area, to conduct this study and to provide fiber optic broadband services if enough residents, businesses, and property owners are interested.


This survey is the first step in the process towards determining how much demand there is for continued work to improve broadband connectivity within the area. If enough demand is generated, the next step will be to have an estimate created to see what a fiber optic network would cost to construct in the northern lakes area and to identify all potential sources of funding, which may or may not include State or Federal grants, city and township financing, and funding by CTC or other entities.


CTC is also working with Emily Cooperative Telephone Company (ECTC) and Crosslake Communications to gauge customer interest in the area from Manhattan Beach west along County Road 1 to the county line and also west of Crosslake along County Road 16.


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We would also like to invite all Northern Lakes residents to complete a speed test, which collects data about your broadband speed and creates a map for your community that will help in efforts to get grants and other support to improve broadband for your area. Take the speed test at www.mnruralbroadbandcoalition.com/speedtest

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