Meet CTC.

A full service technology provider and advisor
for Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and wireless networks
  • Partner with electric cooperatives, municipalities, and communities to bring in-demand services to homes and businesses.
  • Assist with system infrastructure and relationships to build state-of-the-art fiber and wireless networks.
  • Offer direction, technical expertise, and leadership throughout the entire partnership and process.

For 67 years, CTC has delivered telecommunication services to our cooperative members. As a full-service technology provider, we offer digital TV, high speed internet, and phone service to residential and business customers.

As a technology services advisor, we partner with organizations and communities throughout the nation. We work with utilities, municipalities, and government entities by assisting with system infrastructure and relationships to build state-of-the-art fiber and wireless networks.

CTC offers a variety of telecommunication resources including:

  • Engineering
  • Central Office Technicians
  • Network Analysts
  • Combination Technicians
  • Wholesale Bandwidth
  • Accounting
  • Regulatory
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Provisioning
  • Customer Service / Helpdesk Support
  • Business IT Solutions
  • Product Development

Internet. It’s what we do.

“The partnership we have with CTC has continued to be instrumental in the success of our fiber projects and is a cornerstone in our long-term plan. From the onset, CTC assisted us in creating a plan that would best fit our community’s needs, to ensure we were successful. Today we are able to utilize CTC’s expertise and resources to continue to grow and advance our services.”

– Arrowhead Electric Cooperative

“In commercial real estate, the demand or requirement for fiber is growing. I recently worked with a growing tech company that relocated in order to have their internet service provided by CTC. They said CTC provided the fastest fiber connection north of Kansas City. While the old saying ‘location, location, location’ still holds true, I think the saying is quickly changing to ‘fiber, fiber, fiber’.”

– Nate Grotzke,

Close~Converse Commercial Properties

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