CTC Member – Tessa

“We like the new features of the CTC TV. We are big users of DVR and we really enjoy the functionality the DVR offers. The new CTC TV responds quickly, and we like the onscreen menu and being able to view future TV programs. I think by having bundled services we pay less and have the ease of paying for everything in one place. We don’t have the hassle of sending off a bill for separate services to different places. If there is a problem, we have one company to take care of all our questions. We have recommended CTC to others and we enjoy being able to work with a local Coop!”

CTC Technician – Shawn

“Every time I’ve done a CTC TV conversion and I am showing the customer how to use the new product, they always have a noticeable look of excitement. I personally have only had to go on 1 media room trouble in the last 4 months since we started installing it. MMR is a product I truly enjoy showing customers how to use.”

CTC Technician – Mike

“I like that there are very few trouble calls with CTC TV. It is nice to know that you spend a lot of time installing the system and it will work. The faster channel changes and faster guide are great. I’ve had a lot of good comments about the other features like the bigger hard drive for the DVR and being able to record up to 4 channels while watching 1. Last channel button showing the last 5 channels and the go interactive button is also a nice feature.”