Slide get your wifi wings!

CTC’s Complete Wifi includes:

  • Strengthened Wifi footprint and reach in every corner of your home
  • Installation and set-up of your router and all WiFi devices
  • Secure WiFi encryption to protect your personal data
  • Worry-free, 24/7 technical support for troubles and questions
  • Full replacement of routers, if needed
  • Device management and network monitoring


Why do I need complete wifi?

There is nothing worse than having no WiFi. Except perhaps having really slow WiFi. You expect your home WiFi connection to always work. If you have patchy coverage, dead-zones or your WiFi stops, your frustration mounts.


Complete WiFi uses a router with multiple wireless units to give you a mesh network of Wifi coverage that blankets your home. Wifi coverage increases and provides a stronger signal, giving you, a faster more reliable experience.

wi-fi mesh network

Experience the difference

CTC will ensure you have the strongest WiFi connection possible and troubleshoot your WiFi connection should it ever go down. Let CTC take care of your home network so you don’t have to.