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Updates & Information About Internet Installation During Winter & Spring

2021 Temp Drops…


All signs point to an early spring, which is great for our temp drop schedule and construction season! However, weather, ground conditions, topography, contractor schedules, equipment failures, and other factors all play a part in determined when and how we bury our fiber optic internet lines. This year, the sheer number of temp drops and COVID-19 are two additional factors impacting our timeline. Because of these circumstances, it may take up to three months to bury all the temp drops, after our construction season starts.


Once your temp drop is scheduled to be buried, you may see equipment and personnel from CTC, Elite Underground, Eric’s Excavating, and/or Ramstad Technologies on your property. When our representatives are onsite, please follow all current COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.


In March and May, emails and/or letters were sent out to all members that had a temp drop placed last fall/winter. Updates will continue to be shared on this webpage.


If you have questions about the process or your services with CTC, please contact us at any time at 218-454-1234.


We appreciate your patience as we work to get all the lines buried underground in the spring and early summer months!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to wait until summer to get internet access?
Hopefully not! In the fall or winter months we often install an above-ground temporary fiber optic line (often dubbed a “temp drop”) so that you have access to high-speed fiber internet. Then, in the spring and summer months those temporary lines are buried in the ground.


What if my property gets a “temp drop”?
If we’re able to successfully place the temporary fiber optic line, we ask that you exercise caution around this wire. While there is no harm in physically touching the cable, recreational vehicles, snowplows, or other equipment can sometimes get caught in this temporary line, potentially causing significant damage, cost, or service delays.


How soon will you be at my doorstep once the ground thaws?
It’s hard to tell. As much as we’d like to get to everyone right away, it’s impossible to do so. In the spring (March-June), we begin the process of getting back to all of the homes, cabins, and commercial properties that we connected with a temp drop during the fall and winter months.


How long does it take to install the permanent cables?
The process of burying all of our above-ground temporary drops (to make them permanent) can take up to three months after our construction season begins. If we have not been to your property to bury the line by July 15th, please call us at 218-454-1234 and we can provide an estimate of when we’ll be there.


>> Download a PDF of our Temp Drop FAQ

temp drop progress

Check back for updates as we make our way through the 400+ temp drops that are scheduled for 2021.


Every dot that’s filled in below with a WiFi symbol represents 10 drops that are now buried in the ground.


As of Aug 1, 100% of the temp drops were installed.