Hosted PBX Phones.

The days of needing an expensive phone system are gone. No more cumbersome phone equipment, upgrades, or waiting for the phone guy to make any changes. With Hosted PBX from CTC, we set up your phones and take care of the rest.

Full Features and Functionality for All Business Applications.

  • HPBX grows with your company – with no limitations or high cost to upgrade your phone system.
  • Flexibility! Plug your IP phone into your home internet connection, or move it within your office.
  • Take your business calls and your contact list with you no matter where you travel.
  • CommPortal Access! Logon to the CTC CommPortal to check voicemail, enable and disable features, or set up conference calls.
  • No large upfront equipment purchases.

Ready for more? Upgrade to Platinum Phone Service:

CTC’s Platinum Phone services give you all of the practical options in our Premium plan (like CommPortal, voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, etc.) PLUS the convenience of the Accession app and voicemail-to-text service.

CTC Platinum HPBX subscribers are now able to send and receive SMS messages using their CTC phone number. SMS messaging utilizes the chat feature of the MaX UC application on both desktop and mobile apps. This new feature will allow HPBX subscribers to be able to share just one number, in order for their customers or vendors to call or text them.

This is a one-time fee of $25 per extension. This allows the extension to receive unlimited incoming SMS and send 500 messages per month. (Overage rates are $.05/message sent.) For more information, contact our business solutions team at: 218-454-1234 or businessvoice@goctc.com.

Platinum Phone Info Sheet

Use these helpful resources with your HPBX phone system!

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Call recording quality assurance analytics and AI

As a Metaswitch certified partner, CallCabinet’s Atmos integrates seamlessly to bring award-winning compliance call recording, quality assurance, agent evaluation, and analytics to business of any size.

An AI-Driven Call Recording, Quality Assurance, Voice Analytics & Compliance Solution

Call Recording

Atmos’ certified Metaswitch integration securely captures and stores all inbound, outbound, and internal calls.

Quality Assurance

Use our agent evaluation tools to quickly resolve disputes, expertly train your staff, maintain compliance, and optimize the customer experience.

Voice Analytics

Gather precious insight into your customers’ experience and agent interactions through Atmos Analytics. Search powerfully and simply with keyword & key phrase solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Atmos offers robust Natural Language Processing which provides best-of-breed speech analytics. Almost AI understands and organizes your unstructured call recordings into actionable data.


Atmos provides solutions for all of your call recording news to support global regulatory compliance with: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, MiFID II, DFA, MADII, ESMA, UK FCA, US FTC, SOX and many more.

Automatically remove customer data with AI-Driven PCI DSS compliance features

Atmos solves the problem of redaction with AI.
Secure your customer data, protect your bottom line

Every single time one of your customers provides a credit card number to one of your agents over the phone, your company is subject to PCI DSS regulations. These compliance laws require your organization to remove payment card (PCI) data from your call recordings and transcripts. This is an overwhelming task for any company.

In the past, companies that have failed to remove PCI data have been breached, exposing their customers to the lasting damage of data and identity theft. Atmos solves the problem of redaction with AI.

Our analytics engine automatically detects and removes credit card, social security, phone numbers and more from your audio recordings and your transcripts. With Atmos, your company never needs to be blamed for the loss of crucial customer data.

Identify trends, streamline business, detect trends

Atmos’ complex algorithms put your call recordings to work, helping you generate fresh campaigns, agent training, and market research. Our analytics let you search keywords ad phrases so. you can identify areas of improvement for you operation.

  • Find out what your agent’s most frequent support requests are so you can implement preventative measures.
  • Search for competitor mentions by your customers.
  • Learn what features your customers are asking for most without relying on ineffective surveys.
  • Use our agent scoring and quality assurance tools to focus on areas of improvement for your call staff.
  • Train and sharpen your staff by implementing your flagged calls in training sessions.

VISUALIZE AND CATEGORIZE your call recordings with our sophisticated Analytics engine that unlocks what your customers are saying in ways only our Analytics can.